Adding and working with Sales areas

The paid for version Cartobi allows you to create sales or administrative areas to your maps. These shapes then allow you to view dynamically on sales in that specific area. Any filters that are also active will work within the context of a sales area.


Creating a sales Area

Select the Plus icon to the right of Sales area. Then select the orange polygon button at the top right hand of the map polygon.jpg.

Zoom in to the area that you want to create. You can then draw your  polygon or shape. This can be a bit tricky at first! Move your mouse over an part of the boundary that you want to create and click. Then move your mouse to the next point - you will see that a shape follows your mouse. Ignore this until you have finished and remember you can always edit the area when you have saved it.  Our advice is to create a rough area, save it and then edit it afterwards. When you have finished double click your mouse and then give the area / region a name. Then click on the Save button at the bottom right of the map,

If you are creating an area that is adjacent to another please note that Cartobi supports the ability to follow an existing boundary. Click near the existing area's point/handles and follow this to the next point/handle on the adjacent area. Remember that it is relatively straight forward to edit an area once that you have saved it. 


Editing a sales region.

Select the Cross icon at the top right of the map and then select the polygon that you want to edit. The points or handles (small orange circles) can be moved. When one is selected a new intermediate handle will be created. When you have completed the editing clicking inside the polygon will ask you to confirm the name and save.


We have noted that some browsers are having issues with creating and modifying areas. These issues are being handled at the moment. Workarounds detailed below:

When i save a new or modified area I keep seeing a not able to save dialog box. Why?

 First, despite the message your changes have been saved. This can easily be got around once that you have finished creating or editing. Once that you have been prompted to OK a new name or rename of an area. Instead of clicking on the Save button at the bottom right hand corner of the map. Please select a different tool at the top right hand of the map i.e. if you were editing select create/draw, if you were creating/drawing a new area - select Modify (the polygon) then click on save.

Why is there no Cancel button on the name a new area dialog box?

Unfortunately there is no easy way out of this one! The only reliable way out of this situation is to refresh your browser. Sorry!

When i am drawing or creating a new sales area I cannot pan outside the map window when i am creating a sales area?

This is a browser issue that does not affect all browsers. We are working on this one. Our recommendation is to save at this point and then modify the area that you created as this issue does not affect modifying sales areas. We do have a fix and are testing at the moment.


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