Adding and uploading your own data to Cartobi

You can create, upload and map your competitor locations, regional offices, depots, customer complaints or compliments. Or you can simply manually add locations onto your map. These additional datasets are called layers.

These data layers can then be viewed on Cartobi maps in relation to your sales or purchasing information.


How do i upload existing data into my Cartobi?


  • Find the data that you want to view on Cartob along with your tradeshift hosted sales and purchasing datai, Open your spreadsheet application i.e. Excel or Numbers and copy the relevant data into your spreadsheet. 
  • To do this the data needs to be in a specific format.:
  • Six columns, each column dealing with a specific piece of information namely:
  • Name - Pantone Books - This is what you will see displayed on the map when the item is selected 
  • Number - the number of the property i.e. no 124
  • Street - the name of the street (or business park) i.e. Grosvenor Business park,
  • City - the City or Postal town that the item is located in or nearest to. i.e .Bristol
  • Country Code, Use the standard two letter ISO-3166 Country Code br for Brazil, de for Germany.
  • When you have completed this, select file and export as a CSV file to a convenient location on your computer.
  • In Cartobi Select Create (in current version add layers) and then upload existing data
  • Select the CSV file that you have just created
  • Remember that the CSV file must have the header i.e. Name, Number, Street, City, Country Code, Zip, in separate columns and that this must be the top row of the spreadsheet i.e. Row 1.





Country Code


Pantone Books


Brook Street




Greggs rugs


Northgate place

bishops stortford



Optical art






Klitmøller Røgeri






NB the columns can be presented to Cartobi in any order

Once that your data has been geocoded (placed on the map) you will be prompted to give the layer a name and to save it. Once that you have done this you will be presented with the new layer.


Select Create New Layer and select the csv file that you have created and then upload.




How do i manually upload locations to my Cartobi ?


If you do not have the data that you want to map in a document or spreadsheet or there are only a few locations. Cartobi allows you to add layers manually.

Select Create new data from Cartobi. This will create a new layer. Give this layer a name i.e. “training venues” or “competitor locations” and click OK

Now you can select the Edit  button  edit.jpgat the top right hand corner of the map that is located at the top right hand corner of your map to place a location. Use the arrow button at the top right hand corner of the map to move around the map. 

Then click on the map on the locations that you would like to add manually. Cartobi will ask you to name each location that you create. To create another location select the edit button and repeat the process.

When you have completed creating and naming the locations. Select Save at the bottom right hand corner of the map.

Viewing your data layers

Once that you have created a layer of additional data you can choose to view this in any other session. Just select the View name from the Data Layers menu:

Editing your data layers

Existing Data Layers can be edited. Open the data layers pop up window and select the blue pencil icon next to the layer that you would like to edit.

Deleting your data layers

Existing Data layers can be deleted. Open the data layers pop up window and select the red cross next to the layer 


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