What is an App and how do I activate Cartobi ?

Cartobi is a Tradeshift app that has been developed by Geosho. So what is an App then?

Tradeshift is an open platform with open standards. As a result, it provides a massive opportunity for further application development, hosting everything from connectors with other systems to whole new functions like recurring invoices and dynamic validation. Businesses that use it can activate whatever apps work for them, crafting a bespoke workspace for all their business interactions.

Tradeshift Apps can alter the functionality of the entire product, rather than being stand-alone programs. For example, the "Purchase Orders" or "Quotes" Apps let you create those documents directly from your Home page or your Documents page, simply by clicking the green "Create..." button.


To check out all Apps available, click on the Apps tab. Activating an app is easy to do and doesn't take more than a few minutes.
To install Cartobi Select it from the Apps and you will see a green activate button appear. Selecting this will display a dialog box that confirms what information stored in your Tradeshift  account will be made visible to the App. Agreeing to this will make the app active.

To activate the Cartobi App once that you have activated it the App will be available from the My Apps button at the top right hand of the Tradeshift Menu screen.


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