Viewing your invoices on free and paid for versions

First, you will need to activate the Cartobi App! If you have not done this and need some help. Please go to this page on Tradeshift:

Cartobi is an App that allows you to view your tradeshift data on a map. You can save, share, add sales regions, add additional data and lots more without leaving your desk or your Tradeshift browser window. 

Please note that the free version of Cartobi - Cartobi lite allows you to view your first 1000 invoices. The full paid for version enables you to view the first 5000 invoices and Purchase orders.


This is a screen showing some invoices (sales) in Europe. As you navigate around or move in & out of the map using your mouse or the + - icon in the top left hand side of the map or by dragging your mouse you will see that the Invoice totals in the right hand pane will change to reflect the values that are related to the area / region that you have selected. i.e. if your view of the map shows no invoices the the totals will be zero. As you move/zoom out the totals will change to show the value.

We will cover how to use the other functions available to you in the free app and the paid for app in separate articles.


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