Sharing your Cartobi View

Sharing what you have discovered is instant and simple with Cartobi. If your view of your data is something that you want to include in a report or an e-mail just select one of the orange share options from the bottom right hand of the screen.

You can share your view as a PDF or as an image. Sharing as a PDF also captures pertinent data that is related to the view i.e. total sales. 

Save & Share as PDF

First, make sure that your current view of the map is the one that you want to share. Does it display the correct area? Time range? Sales regions? additional data? 


Then click the pdf button at the bottom right hand of the screen.

Once that you have entered a map name, description and file name. Your will be asked to click to confirm and then the pdf will be presented in your browser. To save this document to your computer select File from the menu of the browser and Save as.


Save and share as an image.

As with PDF sharing, first make sure that your map as displayed on Cartobi is what you want to capture. Then select Image from the bottom right hand of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm and then your browser will display the image. Select File from the Browser menu and Save As to store this on your computer.



NB: Sharing does not allow you to capture heatmap views. Sales areas will be included if the view displays them however shading will not be displayed.


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