Record and Upload Trail.

The Rougeo Author App enables you to use your Apple and Android GPS equipped smartphones to capture trail, photos, sound, video and text based content. Simply walk or cycle your trail, or capture your event locations and once completed, you can upload the data directly ready to add additional media, content, manage and publish.

  • Capture locations of points of interest and associate this with specific content, events and / or trails

  • Create new and edit existing leisure, cultural and historical content via the Rougeo online platform

  • Edit and format content such as interactive map and text via to ensure consistency and accuracy of  information

  • Apply customised Brand templates and designs including icon sets for trail and activity types

  • Implement in multiple languages by adding your required languages




Trail Page: From this page you can view existing trails, create new trails and logout. 


Recording a waypoint: From here you can start to record your trail by adding your first waypoint.  






You also have the option to stop tracking your trail. This temporarily stops the recording if you need to do something else such as take a phone call. 





Dropdown Menu: The drop down menu on the top right hand of the application allows you to go back to the home page, upload your trail, delete your trail, add features to your trail and add photos to your trail.





Add feature: By adding trail features you can point out points of interest on the trail. We would only recommend this if it would be difficult to accurately create a feature back in the office when the trail has been uploaded.


(Featurelist: Accommodation,Airstrip/Airport,Animal Species,Antiquity,Art,Battlefield,Bird,Bridge/River Crossing,Building of Interest, Bus Stop, Cable Car, Cafe/Restaurant,Camping,Car Park,Castle/Stately Home, Caution/Hazard,Famous Person,Flora,Funghi,Garden Park,Geological,Harbour/Berth/Mooring,Hide/Shelter,Industrial,Insect,Lake/Resevoir,Lighthouse/Tower,Meeting Point,Mine/Quarry,Mountain Hills,Museum/Gallery,National Cycle Route,Park/Children's play area,Person,Picnic/barbecue area,Place of Worship,Point of Interest,Public House/Bar,River,Sculpture/Monument,Shipwreck,Ski-lift,Sporting Venue,Stadium,Story,Taxi/Car Hire,Theatre,Toilets,Tourist attraction,Tourist Info Centre, Train Tram, Train/Tram Station, Train/Tram Unused,Tree,Unknown,View Point,Village/Settlements,Walks/Trails,Waterfall,Weir/Dam.)






Upload Trail: Uploading the trail allows you to view and edit it on the site.






Trail successfully uploaded: This message that your trail has been successfully uploaded onto and is now viewable on your bookshelf.







Delete Trail: If you are not happy with your trail or if there has been an error with the recording of your trail you can delete it from here.



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