Installation on Android Devices.

This is a walkthrough on how to install the Rougeo Authoring App on your android device.




You will receive an e-mail with the .apk file to download the Rougeo Authoring App on Android devices. (You will need to be able to open this e-mail on your smartphone I.e this may have to be a personal e-mail address that we send this install e-mail to. 








This will be the page that prompts you to download the application.







This is the screen that shows that it is installing, after this process is done it will be fully installed on your device.





This is how the Rougeo Authoring App will appear as an icon on your mobile device on Android. 






Rougeo Authoring App: The Rougeo authoring app is the application that allows you to record trails and then upload them onto     





Login Page On The Authoring App: To login to the rougeo authoring app you must use the same credentials you would use to login on (How to get your login credentials) only do it once. Authenticating the app, done once and in the office.


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