Editing a Trail.

At the core of Rougeo is a cloud based content management that enables  you to store, amend and update content to ensure accuracy and consistency in all your stored and published content.

  • Re-visit existing published trails to update or amend them ready for re-distribution

  • Manage individual trails, multiple-stage trails and trail collections

  • Use extensive access facilities to manage internal user access and provide secure access to approved users

  • Invite other publishers to join your network and share content



Trail page: Your trails are stored in a virtual bookshelf, from here you can access and modify created trails.





Editing trail: From this page you can edit your trail, you can modify the original waypoints to allow for more accurate waypoints. In order to modify a waypoint you first must click on the middle icon on the top right hand corner of the map. In order to delete a waypoint you must press the 'D' key on your keyboard while selecting a waypoint.





Overview of trail: Here you can see the overview of your trail. You can view your trail and the photos from here.





Save trail: Here you can save your modified trail and overwrite the original.


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