What is Rougeo?

Rougeo is a location based content management system designed and built by Geosho and tourism, culture, heritage and leisure experts so that they could create Smartphone apps, iBooks, web and hard copy content for their target audiences and visitors.

Rougeo is a web based mapping and content platform.  That means creating, managing and distributing your visitor, trail or event content is done via a web browser and smartphone. No proprietary hardware, or software installations and integration.  The content you create and publish is stored to the highest levels of security in the Rougeo cloud and is available constantly at any time or in any place. Rougeo can be used as a standalone solution or it can be integrated with existing systems and content.

Either way it is inexpensive to set-up and get running, with content created and trails published in a matter of days. And when it’s time for upgrades and new releases to your apps these are handled seamlessly behind the scenes with no impact or disruption to the service or your users.

Rougeo lets your visitors exploit the GPS Location based capabilities of their smartphone and tablets.

When you create and plot an event or trail it captures the GPS coordinates automatically. This is then uploaded and stored so that it can be displayed and accessed via our own online mapping service.

Because location and mapping is at the heart of the Rougeo system this means your visitors can track their location as they follow trails any nearby content or points of interest will display automatically..

Once captured and stored on the Rougeo platform, your content can be published to other channels too.  The options include the web, eBooks or hard copy, with everything taken from the same base data and therefore consistent across all platforms. And once published, its a matter of getting it used by as many visitors as possible to enhance their experience of your attraction, festival or event.




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